Fieldston Lower

Course listings and schedules:

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Contact Sheyla Ortiz Pena at

Important Dates

Fall Semester: Monday 9/11/23–Friday 1/26/24.

Registration will open on 06/26/23 at 12pm. 

A Typical Day

In-person classes are between 3:30–5:00pm. 

Pick up is at the lower School front gate at 5:00pm.  


Students may drop in on activities on any given day. Drop-in is available by emailing on the morning of the day you want your child to participate. 

Please include your child’s name, the person who will pick up your child, and contact information.

Please also email the student's classroom teacher and Jessie Salvadore ( and let them know that they will be staying in after school. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid for After School courses is available to families receiving financial aid from the school. 

There is no financial aid for drop-in.

There is a fee of $55 dollars for drop-in.

Refunds and Cancellations

Except for the non-refundable registration fee and late fees, course fees are fully refundable until the first class. After the first class, a $65 fee will be charged. Classes are 50% refundable after the third class, and there will be no refunds after the fourth class. There are no refunds for snow days, holidays, or other emergency closures.