ECFS AFTER SCHOOL offers Intellectual, aesthetic, and physical activities Built on our belief in progressive education and learning.

Lower Divisions

After school programs are offered at both our Fieldston and Ethical Culture campuses. We are offering both virtual and in-person classes. Please click the links below to learn more. 

Fieldston Middle

Offerings for middle school students include online and in-person clubs on Monday–Saturday. Start times and end times depend on the specific club. Please click the link below to learn more. 


Registration for all courses is online. Fall course registration will take place during the summer, and spring course registration will take place in December. To register, view courses and fees, input student information, and pay by credit card, please click here.

Fees and Financial Aid

Fees change by division and specific course selected; you can view details through the registration system. Financial aid for after school courses is available to families receiving financial aid from the School. The cost of fees is calculated using the percentage of family obligation for tuition. Adjusted bills reflecting financial aid will be emailed after the academic year commences. Additional information regarding our After School Program financial policies are available here.


Ethical Culture

Cathy Fleischmann


Fieldston Lower and Fieldston Middle

Sheyla Ortiz-Pena